We will work to keep some pictures posted here along with a brief report of what is being done, where we go next and how you can continue to support our efforts in getting Valley Mission open - now by Summer of 2024.
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Demolition is done and we are in the process of connecting sewer and water to the building. The pictures do not do the work justice at all. To get to the sewer line we have to dig down almost 16 feet! Wow!
And to top it off, the part needed for the connection is on backorder - so our contractor is talking with the city about our options.

Another big delay is the electrical panel. We need a specific type for the connection outside in the alley. And we found out that it is 6 months out for delivery. That is big, but it will not delay some of the other work we can do inside while we wait.
Once we get the plumbing connected and roughed in we'll give you an update on what the next steps are.

We're just glad to say, finally, WE ARE UNDER WAY!

Can't wait to get this place open to impact our community in so many ways. Thank you again for supporting this movement!