Hope, Help and Restoration

We don't have to go through life alone...

We all need support at some point. It varies where we are in our journey and our desire to change our ways, choices and actions.
At Valley Mission we liken our support to a 4-legged stool. Each leg is just as important as the others, but to have full balance and control you need all four.
Our legs represent Rescue, Recovery, Restoration and Re-Engagement.
Rescue - that immediate need for emergency help. Could be an emergency food box to get by til next payday, a warm place to rest a weary head on your way to that housing that came through, or a moment to sit with a counselor/coach to help guide in a situation.
Recovery - This is where the heart of the new Valley Mission program begins. Through extensive coaching, training, counseling and mentoring, guests who commit to the 4 to 6 month Transformational Living Program (fall/winter 2022) can begin to rebuild their lives in most facets of day to day living.
Restoration - We all have relationships that get fractured and broken. Family, friends, co-workers, etc. all encounter situations where we need to learn to not only forgive, but also receive forgiveness in order to move forward. Skills will guide guests in restoring past relationships and equip them for the future as new situations and new relationships arise.
Re-Engagement - This is the end goal: have each guest re-enter community, standing firmly on their own two feet.  Guests will receive training and support to be able to secure housing, be gainfully employed, have little to no debt so they can start fresh, and so much more. Additionally, each guest will be connected to a Life Coach who will walk with them for up to one year to help them stay on track, be encouraged and more.

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