Hope for the hurting...

Reaching the poor with the love and the power of the gospel...

November of 2020 Valley Mission purchased the old Metro Gym.
This will be the new home of Valley Mission very soon, which will house the Food Pantry, a new laundromat, an emergency shelter, dining and kitchen area, office space for Valley, a new Transformational Living Program (fall/winter 2022), office space for local agencies and 4 apartment rentals.

We are so excited and blessed to be in this position to help those in our community who desire a fresh start, and look forward to the partnership within this amazing community with other agencies and support!
 First Baptist Church, 408 N Arthur Avenue.
We will limit the number of boxes to pick up at one visit to 3. We simply do not have the volunteers to assist with multiple carry-outs at this time.
If you are a  licensed care giver, please contact us to discuss how to receive food for your clients.

 Our team, ALL VOLUNTEERS, is here to help you get the food you need. They are here because they care, and want to show Jesus' love by serving in this way.
If you have concerns, please direct them to Karl at 208-232-6305 or karl@fbcpoky.com and he will be more than happy to assist you.
Idaho Gives 2024!
THANK YOU for all who gave to this year's event! Through your generosity, Valley Mission raised over $39,000! And, there is still more on the way in! God Is GOOD!

Valley Mission staff and Board are honored and humbled by your generosity and trust in what it is we are going to do with this project. Construction is in full swing as we put all of the infrastructure pieces in place - electrical, water, plumbing, and HVAC systemes.

Phase 1 - infrastructure and Food Pantry are well under way with the Food Pantry being projected to open by Fall of 2024. That is a huge blessing! And it couldn't have been done without folks like you!

THANK YOU again for you financial as well as prayer support!
Valley Mission Minute!
We are in the building with water line and sewer line!

A big prayer request in this process to keep on your radar- the electrical panel for outside the building is over 4months away for delivery due to supply chain issues. We could use some divine intervention to move that along. We can still do some work while we wait, but that's a big item we really need to make some serious progress.

So now we move on to roughing in plumbing lines, cutting concrete and more. The team will be there this month doing all of that and some preliminary framing. Once the rough in plumbing is complete, it will be on to pouring new concrete in those areas and getting on with the framing next - once we get the final permits! All in all very exciting.

A whole person approach to re-engagement...

We are all broken. We all need healing. We all need relationship.
Loving people who are poor and homeless means wanting the best for them – not mere survival but meaningful, purposeful lives.

Join Valley Mission as we affirm each person and offer a pathway to a different way of life.
You can be part of the solution that enables people to re-engage in community, to be an active, participating and contributing member of this amazing valley!
  1. Treat them with dignity. Make eye contact. Smile. Through civil conversation, you can help homeless individuals combat the loneliness, depression  and isolation many of them face.
  2. Give them food/supplies. Carry a Blessing Bag with granola or energy bars, water, etc. If the person's sign says they'r hungry and you have the time, buy them a sandwich and a beverage.
  3. Direct them to places of assistance. Aid for Friends of 4th street has services available throughout the day. 

Weekly Service Offerings

Food Distribution - THURSDAYS
3:30 pm to 6:00 pm at First Baptist Church, 408 N Arthur Avenue.

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