Our Story...

In 2010 a partnership with the Idaho Foodbank began to help relieve hunger in the Portneuf Valley. From serving 50 families a month to now serving between 160 and 200 families weekly through the Valley Mission Food Pantry.
As the needs in the community grew, so did the desire to find new ways to offer help.
After a harsh 2015 winter, and seeing homeless folks sleeping in various places around town, the Warming Shelter was launhced to assist the homeless population with a safe overnight place out of the elements. In cooperation with the local homeless shelter, the Warming Shelter has served as many as 9 guests nightly since opening.

At Valley Mission, the guest is at the center of all we do. We simply meet them where they are and work with them to get them to a place of comfort and confidence.
  • We recognize the role trauma plays in their lives.
  • We serve our guests to help them recover from conditions associated with poverty, homelessness, mental, physical and spiritual health issues.
  • We work with several partner organizations in order to provide needed comprehensive services.
  • We collaborate with and celebrate our Partners In Caring (PIC) program with local business and city leadership.
  • We strive to respect all people at all times.

Expanding the vision...

The goal of Valley Mission is to offer a unique approach where not only food and shelter can be found, but to become a one-stop facility where resources and support set people up for success. A key result of all of the programs will be the re-engagament of our guests back into community.
This will take a collaborative effort from the whole community - service organizations, businesses, vendors and suppliers, city leadership and the general public as well.